Google is the most popular search engine world wide and Google Adwords (now called Google Ads) can help you. Here’s how. With the number of people who use Google everyday, the niche your business wants to target is out there. Google Ads works by putting your business in front of your target market. There are 5 methods (called campaigns) to do Google Ads.

1. Google Search

Each second, 63,000 Google search results are being done. They use keywords like “keto diet delivery in Perth”, “nice parks in San Francisco”, “coffee shops with wifi in Alabama” to find the information they need. By advertising your business and using Google Search, you open doors to better visibility by using keywords you want to appear to your audience.

So for example, if a business is a dance school, they will want to target individuals interested in dancing. However, this is a business where people need to physically visit the store for them to make money. Let’s use this girl below to demonstrate.

Her name is Katie and she lives in Adelaide, South Australia and is looking to try dancing. So she goes to Google and starts looking for “dance class in Adelaide” and these are the results that pop up.

What I’ve highlighted are the paid ads that will appear when a Google user types “dance class in Adelaide” and chances are, since these schools are on the search bar, she will click one of the top 3 results. These 3 schools have invested in Google Ads to target other people like Katie who are interested in dance classes. With people clicking on the top links, even if the clients don’t choose their school, they have increased the chances of students considering them as an option because of Google Ads.

2. Google Shopping

This is a popular option for companies with e-commerce websites like Amazon. It will show products together with a price and photo of what it is you’re selling. Although it will be with other companies who are selling similar products together with your ad. To get ahead of the game, you can opt to put a freebie, voucher, or promo you may have so that buyers will be enticed to click your ad.

3. Video Advertising

So you know those ads that are often on the first seconds of a youtube video and you can’t wait to just click “Skip Ad”? Well this is it. Google bought youtube for $1.6B back in 2006 giving advertisers more opportunity to get their ads up tp a wider audience. Ads that show up on youtube can range from food, mobile apps, drinks, restaurants, and more.Though it can get a bit trickier to reach your audience using youtube ads, it can still be an effective strategy.

4. Mobile Advertising

We’ve all encountered this at some point. Download a free app and you’ll see a ton of ads encouraging you to download this game, try this dating app, or some type of advertisement. Mobile advertising works by displaying ads on webpages or apps that are viewed on your tablet or phone.

4. Digital Advertising

Display Advertising is similar to Google Search where you can bid on keywords for your website to show up on the search engine. Advertisers can choose different ways for their ads to show up:

  • Placement targeting: You can choose which site you want your ads to appear in
  • Remarketing: Users who have visited your website can see your ad and it could remind them to make another purchase
  • Topic targeting: You can choose a category of a website, similar to what your audience will visit that is also related to your business, and your ad will display here
  • Demographic/Geographic and Language targeting: Ads can be targeted to show to a specific age, gender, location, and language they speak.
  • Contextual targeting: This works by going to websites that are important to your business. This means people will see your ad while reading about what it is you are selling.

The verdict

So there you have it. I’ve outlined a simple explanation to the different ways Google Ads can help you advertise your business and generate revenue. At Advertising Digital Solutions, we have a team of Google Ads Certified digital marketers who can help you set up an account and deliver results. Message us to get a free quote and find out how we can help you.

Here are samples of what we made.

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